AP Statistics Assignment for 3/16

In class today, you will gather your sample for the Chapter 22 Investigative Task. The full set of data can be found here. After selecting your sample, write a brief paragraph explaining your method and submit it to me with the filename format “LastName.FirstName.Ch22TaskPlan”

In addition to the description of your sampling method plan, I want you to practice creating equations using the app EquatIO, a tool that can create clean, professional looking equations directly into you Google Document. There are some basic instructions and some sample equations to create here: Inserting Equations into Google Documents. Add these formulas to your Task Plan document above. This assignment will count as a homework grade! Submit it by the end of the day.

Update on this (for 3rd period students): Given that EquatIO seems to be having some issues loading on your Chromebooks, you do not need to include these equations in your document due by the end of the day. You must submit your sampling method, however.

You have the weekend to complete your task response. I expect to see formulas created using EquatIO. Submit your response by the start of class on Monday with the filename format “LastName.FirstName.Ch22InvTask”


Questions? Comments?

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