Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 1/26

We’ve started a new unit, this one on rules of exponents. Today was a review of pre-existing rules, along with an introduction of some new ones. Your homework is HW 5.1 – Review of Exponent Rules. Review the list of rules here, or check out these videos:

Finally, because I want you to be able to work through this chapter without relying on the calculator, we will have a daily Powers Quiz. I will choose 10 powers from the warmup reference sheet you made today. I will ask you to evaluate them without using the calculator in a brief, timed quiz. We will do this every day next week, and only  your highest grade on any one quiz will be the one used in your Unit 5 grade.

Cumulative IXL Review Modules (newly added modules are in bold)


Questions? Comments?

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