Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 1/2, plus a reminder

First, a reminder of the homework protocol.

  • Homework is assigned every day and due the following day. Homework is assigned every day and due the following day.
  • Late assignments will be accepted ONE day late for half-credit.
  • If you are ABSENT FROM CLASS, you are expected to turn in the assignment you would have submitted on that day on the day that you return. You will be given one additional day per day of absence to turn in the assignments you missed.
    • For example: Goofus is present on Monday and absent on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he must turn in Monday’s homework, and he has until Thursday to turn in Tuesday’s assignment. He gets no extra time on Wednesday’s assignment; that is due Thursday also.
  • If you are having difficulty with an assignment, it is your responsibility to arrange extra help. We usually have time to discuss one or two topics in class, but if that’s not enough please come and see me!
  • New for 2018: Any student who has 3 or more unexcused missing assignments will be assigned a lunch or after school detention to make up the missing work. This work will or will not be accepted for credit based on my discretion!

We have a quiz on Friday, January 5 about the first half of the unit, all about working with radical expressions. This will include content from today’s homework: HW 4.5 – Simplifying Radicals with Variables. You can find the notes here and some addition examples in the video here.

Cumulative IXL Review Modules (newly added modules are in bold)


Questions? Comments?

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