AP Statistics Assignment for week of 12/18

UPDATE 12/21: A portion of the project grade is based on your groupmates’ evaluation of your contribution to the project. Please complete this form for every member of your group, including yourself by Friday, December 29th.

Presentations this week. Because we have so many presentations, please strive to keep yours to not much more than 10 minutes, and no more than 12. You should be able to present straight from your Chromebook, but if you want to use a different device, please make sure it will work with an HDMI or VGA adapter. Please think creatively! If you conducted a taste test for your project, bring in samples for your presentation! If you used a quiz, start off by quizzing the class. Keep it interesting!

If you’re looking for the online graph-making tools we’ve used in class, you can find them under “Other Helpful Links” to the right.

Written reports are due at the start of class on Friday. Guidelines for length and content are found in the Mid-year Project Drive Folder.


Questions? Comments?

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