AP Statistics Assignment for week of 12/11

Update (12/15): I will be creating the presentation schedule over the weekend. If you know that you will not be present in class at some point during the week of December 18, please inform me as soon as possible. 

You have this week to work on projects during class time. Ideally, you should be done with your data collection and starting your analysis by Thursday the 14th. Project presentations will start on December 19th, and final written reports will be due on Friday, December 22nd.

All details for your presentation and report can be found in the project Google drive found here. The presentation schedule will not be announced until the first day of presentations, so everybody must be ready to go by then!

If you know you will not be present during a day of presentations, please let me know so that I do not schedule your group to present on that day. I expect all members of the group to be present and participating in their presentation. Furthermore, due to the quantity of presentations that must be delivered in the relatively brief timeframe, I will be timing presentations and will start to give you warnings should yours go longer than 10-11 minutes.


Questions? Comments?

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