AP Statistics Assignment for week of 12/4

Update on 12/6: You should still read the articles listed below, but if you’d like more information about the Stanford Prison Experiment, I recommend you check out Dr. Zimbardo’s own account of the experiment posted here (as well as the additional information, including the participant consent form and Dr. Zimbardo’s application to Stanford’s Human Subjects Review Committee found here).

For the majority of the week, we’ll be watching The Stanford Prison Experiment, a 2015 film starring Billy Crudup, Tye Sheridan, and Ezra Miller that does a pretty accurate job depicting the events of the controversial simulated prison run as a psychological experiment on the Stanford University campus in 1971. On Friday, you’ll be asked to use the movie and the articles below to inform a conversation about experimental ethics. You were assigned a side at the start of the movie, defending one of these two statements:

  • As long as all subjects give informed consent, there are no ethical limits on what researchers can do to human subjects.
  • Even with informed consent, there are ethical limits on what researchers can do to human subjects.

The discussion on Friday will be highly structured. Please read over the Ethics Discussion Guidelines for details. Also, by Friday, read over the following three articles for some more examples that may be useful for your stance.



Questions? Comments?

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