Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 10/16

We’re back into the usual routine this week as we start Unit 2. Unit 2 is about Rational Expressions, which are just fractions that have polynomials in the numerator and/or denominator. These fractions can be simplified and multiplied/divided/added/subtracted in just the same way that regular numerical fractions can, so this unit will primarily be a combination of a practice of factoring skills and working with fractions.

The first homework assignment for today is HW 2.1 – Simplifying Rational Expressions (note that questions 11, 12, and 13 were decided to be optional questions). The notes can be found here, and an instructional video (starring your old friend Kirk Weiler) can be found here.

Cumulative IXL Review Modules (newly added modules to this list are in bold)


Questions? Comments?

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