Fractals & Chaos Assignment for 9/20

Per yesterday’s post: Think about the concept of dimension. When we say something is “2 dimensional,” what do we actually mean? Also, consider this: we usually use a piece of paper as an example of something 2-dimensional, but we know it really isn’t. It has a thickness to it. So is there anything in our 3-D world that is truly 2-D? Or 1-D? We’ll revisit this tomorrow.

In class you got information about the Fractal Art show. The actual show and deadlines for submission will be determined later, but the gist is this: everybody is expected to make a submission into three of the following categories:

  • Fern
  • Tree (or other bushes, shrubs, or “grass-like” images)
  • Spiral
  • “Realistic” (any other natural phenomena)
  • “Artistic” (any other pattern or design)

You may submit more than three, but you will designate three as your “official” submissions. You will also submit an image of the template for one of your three submissions.

On the day of the Fractal Art Show, we will check out each other’s artwork and vote on our favorites in each category. I will be inviting past Fractals & Chaos students as well as teachers to cast votes as well. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each category.


Questions? Comments?

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