Fractals & Chaos Assignment for 5/26

If you’d like to play around with the piecewise complex linear function fractal generator, you can find a link to download the program here.

If you weren’t in class, we debriefed/formed some conclusions about linear functions then moved on to quadratics. For now, we’re keeping it simple and just iterating z -> z^2. We iterated several test seeds to start to see what kind of behavior would be expected in this iteration process, so pick a few below and iterate them (remembering that [r,theta]x[r,theta] = [r^2,2theta]) to see what happens for yourself. Should the value of theta ever exceed 360 degrees, reset it to a value within the 0 < theta < 360 domain.

  • [2,10]
  • [1,45]
  • [1/3,60]
  • [1,30]
  • [5,180]
  • [1,7]
  • [1,120]
  • [1/2,36]
  • [2,90]
  • [1,10]

Questions? Comments?

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