Spring Break Assignment for All Classes

It’s spring break. We just finished the long walk from February break to April. When we get back, we’ll only have 7 short weeks before the end of the school year. But you have a week’s rest before we get there. So here’s your assignment for this week:

Stay up until 3. Sleep in until 2. Sleep, rest. Read a new book. Read a book you read when you were 8. Read a book to a younger sibling, or to kids in your neighborhood. Play a new video game. Go to watch a movie. Go make a movie. Start a YouTube Channel. Write a song, play a song, or sing a song. Write a poem. Draw something, anything. Go to the Commons and play music for the people there, then eat at Waffle Frolic. Order something from a restaurant you’ve never tried before. Play a board game with your family. Go for a hike in Cornell’s Plantations or in a gorge. If you’re in AP Stats, work a bit out of your review book (Practice Exam 1 would be a good choice!). If you’re in Fractals, keep playing around with mySolarSystem and complete 1d/e and all of 2 of the Iterated Functions sheet. Go for a run before the sun rises. Go for a swim. Bingewatch an entire season of The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. Look at the stars at night. Make dinner for your family. Do your chores. Do someone else’s chores. Visit a relative you haven’t seen in a year. Talk to someone who has significantly different opinions than you. Go to the farmer’s market. Play Pokemon Go (there’s an egg event happening with double XP!). Work on some IXL practice problems. Go to the SPCA and pet the cats (or the dogs). Take the road less traveled. Whatever you do to rest, do it. Just make sure that when you come back on the 24th, you’re ready to work. We’re almost done.


Questions? Comments?

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