Double Snow Day All the Way!

I hope you’re enjoying your double snow day! This was definitely a snowfall for the record books, and I hope you’re digging out and staying warm. Unfortunately, these two snow days are going to have some significant impacts on our schedule. Please read below for how it will affect us.

Algebra 1

We were going to have our Unit test on Thursday, but now that’s going to happen on Friday instead. It also means, unfortunately, we get one fewer day of review. Here’s what I would like you to do:

  1. Watch Kirk’s video for Lesson 6, the last lesson of the chapter. This is nothing new, just combining the different methods of factoring you’ve learned to “completely factor” an expression. Follow along with the notes on pages 323-324 (up through exercise 3). Note that Kirk uses a “guess and check” method for factoring trinomials instead of the “split the middle” method we use, so feel free to use our method for those steps.
  2. You choose what you do next, either…
    1. Work on IXL Module AA.8 – Factor polynomials to a score of 90, or
    2. Work on the homework problems on pages 325-326 (skipping 5b and 5c).
  3. You should also start working on the Polynomials Practice Test. We’ll be working on this in class tomorrow to have our test on Friday.

AP Statistics

No change. You won’t have any excuse for Monday’s homework to not be completed, but beyond that we’ll proceed as planned. We may need to skip a group redo or something to make up for these lost days later on.

Fractals & Chaos

We were planning to have our art show on Friday, but that obviously can’t happen now. We’ll spend Thursday working on some classwork, then Friday will be your last chance to finish and submit your designs. We’ll talk on Thursday about when to postpone our art show to — Monday or Tuesday most likely.



Questions? Comments?

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