Algebra 1 Assignment for 3/8

You get a short reprieve today in the lead-up to tomorrow’s Mastery Quiz. Many of you have fallen behind on your IXL work, or have not completed all the necessary replacement/alternative work. Tonight, work on doing that.

Tomorrow you’ll be completing a mastery quiz with Mr. Snow, who will be in for me all day. Remember the guidelines for how this works:

  • Everyone starts at Level 1 – Version A. There are three levels of the quiz that you must complete.
  • You must score a 100% on the first attempt of a quiz to be done with that level.
  • If you do not get a 100% on the first attempt, you will work on correcting it. When done, you will take the next version (B or C).
  • Keep going until getting a 100% the first time, then move on to the next level (2 or 3).
  • Once you have finished level 3, help Mr. Snow assist other students correct their quizzes, or work on the homework.

Assigned IXL Review Modules (Noted with dates assigned and required target scores)


Questions? Comments?

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