Algebra 1 Assignment for 3/2

We started Unit 7 today, so please review the unit overview and calendar.

I will be editing a number of the notes pages for this chapter, instructing you to remove the existing pages from your binder and insert my revised versions. I will be posting the revised versions here, along with my completed notes for you to refer to if you are absent. I will continue to post links to lesson videos as well, but please be aware that these videos will still refer to the content of the book’s notes (not my revised version). In most cases, my revisions will be minimal and will still include major sections of the original notes, so the videos should still be useful to you.

Also, because this unit is so skills-heavy, most of the homework from the unit will be using IXL’s online practice modules. Most days, I’ll be asking you to work on 2-3 modules up to a score of around an 80, though sometimes I’ll ask you to go a little higher than that (but if I don’t, extra credit is available for those who go above and beyond the minimum requirements!) Don’t forget to log in when you’re working on these modules, or else your results will not be saved!

Today, we started with Unit 7, Lesson 1 – Polynomial Vocabulary (revised). Your homework, linked below, is to work on modules Y.1, Z.1, and Z.4 up to a score of 90 for each.

Assigned IXL Review Modules (today’s assigned modules are in bold. Others are noted with dates assigned and required target scores)



Questions? Comments?

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