Algebra 1 Assignment for 2/27

Think about the question Ayah asked at the end of her presentation today: If an infinite number of infinitely large buses pulled up to Hilbert’s Hotel, how could we come up with an algorithm to unload all of them? Taking the first person off each bus, followed by the second and then the third and so one won’t work, since there’s an infinite number of buses. You’ll never get to the second person on each of them!

You still have some time to finish the Pandemic Unit debrief assessments from before break. Don’t forget that HOPE Display graphs are also part of this assignment. The file I linked before did not have the correct materials included, so please use the following links:

Also, many of you still have not completed the IXL assignments from the previous unit. I have made notes as needed on Schooltool for what’s missing, so please refer to that.

This will all be due once and for all on Wednesday, March 1st.


Questions? Comments?

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