Algebra 1 Assignment for 2/9

We have started Phase 2 of the Virus Pandemic project, where we are modeling as a class what you’ll be doing in individual groups next week. We are testing the process with the United States and are creating and graphing two equations: one modeling the number of people infected per day in the US and the other modeling the number of people still alive per day in the US. We are graphing these equations on the Heuristic Outlook for Population Eradication (HOPE) Display.

In both periods, we got as far as creating these two equations on the LIVE Dry Run:

  • For the Infected Model: I(t) = 840600(1+.0105)^x
  • For the Alive Model: A(t) = 318900000(1-.003)^x

We also started graphing the functions on the HOPE Display, requiring us to change the window to the following:


Unfortunately, the Xmax was not large enough to show the whole graph, so your homework tonight is to find a proper Xmax. That’s it!


Questions? Comments?

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