Snow Day Impact on Midterms/Tests

We have a snow day today (yay?) and so that’s going to cause some interesting scheduling challenges for exams. Hopefully, you’ve seen Mr. Trumble’s email about the updated exam schedule, but in case you missed it you can find it here. As for how this is going to affect my classes, please read on

AP Statistics Students: The original plan was to go over the Unit 4 Review materials on Monday and have our test on Tuesday. Since Monday is now going to be an exam day to replace our missed exam day today, this means all of that gets pushed forward a day. So your Unit 4 test will now be on Wednesday, February 1st.

Algebra 1 Students: Your midterm is still going to be Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, no school today means the review sessions scheduled for today are also canceled. Please see my post from yesterday for a rundown of what you should be working on to review for tomorrow’s midterm, and either post here or email me with questions you have. I’ll try to respond quickly.


Questions? Comments?

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