Algebra 1 Test Postponed to Tuesday

The Unit 3 test originally scheduled for today will be postponed to tomorrow, Tuesday. I don’t like giving a test the day before a break starts, but we must finish this unit before we leave for break! If you have questions or concerns, please email me or call at (607) 329-6005.

Please come tomorrow prepared for this test, including your working calculator!

PS: If you never signed up for my Remind Text Notification, please take a moment and do so now. It’s the perfect tool for getting announcements out in situations like this. Send a text to 81010 or (607) 271-6090 with the message @kirkalg1 or download the Remind App. Signing up for the program comes at no cost, and I’ll only use the reminder program once in awhile (like if there’s another snow day!).

No phone? No problem! You can also sign up for reminders and notifications via email by sending a blank message to


Questions? Comments?

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