Algebra 1 Classwork Links and Assignment for 11/3

  1. Go here and look up the weather data for any city in the world (not Ithaca!).  Set the calendar to January 2015 and select the Monthly tab.
  2. Click the gear in the upper right hand corner and change the temperatures to be measured in degrees Celsius
  3. Click here if you’re in Period 4 and click here if you’re in Period 8.  Find the tab along the bottom of the document with your name on it.  Bookmark this page.
  4. Double-click in the graph and change [Location] to your particular city.
  5. In the Average Monthly Temp. column, type in the average temperature in your city for every month of 2015. Use the temperature in the middle of the monthly temperature grid (the average of the average temperatures)capture
  6. In the space beside your graph, write a few sentences about what your graph shows about temperatures in your city.  Make sure your analysis answers the following questions:
    1. Are temperatures in your city generally warm, generally cold, or a mix of both cold and warm?
    2. Which months had the maximum and minimum temperatures?
    3. Are temperatures consistently increasing or decreasing all year long, or does the trend do both?  If so when does it change?
  7. Once more people are done, take a look at your classmates’ pictures and analyses. Leave a comment (use the comment feature) on at least one other person’s graph or description!


Watch the lesson video for Unit 3, Lesson 1 – Introduction to Functions and follow along with the notes on pages 123-124.


Questions? Comments?

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