A note about progress report grades

For all parents/students

Please be advised that the grade you get for my class on your progress report won’t necessarily be the same grade you see in SchoolTool.  This is because the marking period grade that can be found in the SchoolTool portal is not accurate.  I use letter grades for a lot of assignments/assessments, and the built-in numerical equivalencies on SchoolTool do not match the ones that I use.  I use the SchoolTool gradebook for reporting purposes only. Not for grades.  I calculate marking period grades separately and have entered them into your progress report.

For Algebra 1 parents/students

A brief explanation on the Participation and Attendance grades in the comments of your progress report was in the course expectations from the beginning of the year.  I’ve copied it below…

You will be graded on your participation in class, attendance, homework completion and achievement on class assessments. The first two items will appear as a 0-5 grade in the comments of the report card, and the homework and class assessment grades will affect your marking period grade.

Proper participation and behavior is expected from all students on all class assignments.  Expectations about participation will be discussed in class, and the exact details will vary depending on the class activity.  The 0-5 participation grade will be given based on the following guidelines:

  • 5 – Student’s participation and behavior is an example to others
  • 4 – Participates well, but sometimes gets distracted by others or disengages from class
  • 3 – Frequently requires direct instruction to participate OR does not complete Warmups/Cooldowns
  • 2 – Will not participate in class activities, even when directly instructed to do so
  • 1 – Frequent lack of proper participation causes distractions to other students
  • 0 – Distracting behavior has required removal from class

Attendance and preparedness is a crucial part of your classroom success.  It is not enough for you to be on time; you must also be prepared for class with pens/pencils, your textbook binder, warmup journal, calculator, and any due work.   Due to the nature of the course, missing even one class—even as an excused absence—can put you at a serious disadvantage.  You are expected to stay up to date with assignments and content while absent (see “Responsibilities After and Absence” below).  The 0-5 attendance grade will be given based on the following guidelines:

  • 5 – Present and prepared with class materials on time, every day
  • 4 – Present every day, but is sometimes late or unprepared (no pencil/pen, no HW, etc.)
  • 3 – Sometimes absent from class, but makes an effort to keep up with missed work while absent
  • 2 – Sometimes absent from class; work not made up
  • 1 – Absences or excessive/extreme tardiness are affecting abilities in class
  • 0 – More than 6 unexcused absences (see IHS Attendance Policy)

Questions? Comments?

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