AP Statistics Assignment for 10/13

Complete the Chapter 7 Investigative Task. As before, your response should be completed in a Google Document and submitted to me (bkirk@icsd.k12.ny.us) by the beginning of class tomorrow. Please name your file appropriately.  The file name should have the format “LastName.FirstName.Ch7InvTask”.  For example, mine would be “Kirk.Benjamin.Ch7InvTask“.

Once again, I recommend using Plotly to make your graphs.  Ms. Seifert has made a video on making scatterplots, finding the line of best fit, and creating a residuals plot using this system. You can watch it here.

Finally, don’t forget that while you are not allowed to work with each other on this task, you are permitted to use your notes and your textbook. I especially recommend you refer to the textbook for examples of what a complete response looks like.


Questions? Comments?

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