AP Statistics Assignment for 9/30

On Monday, we will be doing a project involving the analysis of temperature data from cities around the world. This weekend, I need everyone to do their part to gather these data.

You’re going to be entering your data here (period 1) or here (period 3). Use this website to find the temperature information. Set the calendar to “January 1, 2015” then search for any city in the world not already researched (check your period’s sheet to make sure you don’t repeat with anyone!). Click the “monthly” tab and find the “Average Mean Temperature” number (it’s in the middle of the 3×3 batch of temperatures). Enter that temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) into a new column on your period’s Google sheet (type the city in the top line). Click “Next Month,” enter February’s “average mean temperature,” and continue for all of 2015.

Remember, you are looking up temperatures for 2015, not 2016.

On Monday, we’ll use these data to create a display of bivariate quantitative data.


Questions? Comments?

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